Internship Opportunities

Gateway Counseling now offers internship opportunities.  Our interns must commit to practicing within our guidelines, ethics, and statement of faith.  Our internships typically last for 12 months, but can be tailored to your school’s specific needs.  While we cannot guarantee the number of one-to-one or client contact hours you will receive, we will do our best to help you get as many hours as possible.

In order to participate in an internship with Gateway Counseling, you must have a current certificate through the Department of Health (DOH).  Interns are also required to have personal practice student insurance before seeing clients.

Gateway Interns must have reliable transportation and arrive 15 minutes early to each session.  They will stay up-to-date on their therapy notes, collect fees after each session, and remit this money to the Director.

Why be an intern at Gateway Counseling? You get to:

  • Experience counseling sessions one-on-one or in groups with clients
  • Be advertised through Psychology Today
  • Be featured on our Gateway Counseling website as an Intern Counselor
  • Learn note writing, record keeping, and coaching
  • Receive training and use of an electronic records system, Therapy Notes
  • Receive appointment coaching
  • Experience co-leading a group
  • Be a part of a monthly staff treatment team
  • Receive weekly to bi-weekly supervision at a discounted rate
  • Experience practicing in a Christian environment
  • Learn the mechanics of having your own private practice
  • Have the potential opportunity to be invited onto the Gateway Counseling Team at one of our locations

For more information, set up an appointment with Paula, our counseling director.